Client : MoGraph Mentor
Written, Directed, Designed & Animated: Michael Jones
Voice Over: Kabir Singh

MoGraph Mentor is the online school for motion graphics. Pairing an extensive art & design curriculum with guided hands-on experience, MoGraph Mentor leverages online mentorship to create a training program that is efficient and personal.

This has been my after hours project for the last 11 months. It mixes my love of motion design with my even greater love of creating educational development materials. I've always been highly systematic and creating the complicated infrastructure of this online school was actually a very pleasant experience.

We have a network of mentors (industry professionals who work with students). A team of curriculum directors from strong art school backgrounds. And a network of studios, ad agencies & marketing firms participating in our Job Placement Program.

We are going to work with passionate students to help them achieve their goals in motion design. Bottom line, its about serving these students and helping them build a foundation.

The marketing for the program is purely digital. We brought in a development team to build our online presentation and digital campus. Created our key explainer video. And did a series of personal invitations with me, the founder and CEO.

This became possible because of the many people who believed in it. The mentors & the partners.

I share with you some of the materials.

I don't love being on camera, but if you make an honest effort to help people understand if your product or service is right for them, it can go a long way towards earning trust. John Carrington was our director of photography. The goal was to be personal and give the relevant information so people can make a wise choice about enrolling. This isn't going to be for everyone, and thats ok.

Program Vision

3 Reasons to Invest

Passionate Mentors

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